Ocean Cable Observatory – EMSO Hellenic Arc node deployed on May 2018

The deployment of the Hellenic Arc node of the EMSO-ERIC was realized on May 2018. The cabled ocean observatory was deployed at the bottom of SE Ionian Sea (1560 m depth) off the Pylos coast. The observatory is connected to the Methoni land station with a 15Km length fiber-optic cable which supports the power supply to the observatory’s sensors for the continuous recording of the marine environment. The seabed platform carries sensors that can provide data for conductivity (salinity), sea temperature, sea level with tsunami detection capabilities, chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, turbidity, pH, currents of the water column in a distance 300 m from the bottom, ambient noise recording with emphasis on the marine mammals acoustic/bioacoustics, seismic activity, magnetic and gravitational field.


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