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7 “Seawatch” instrumentation platforms are deployed in areas where the water depth does not exceed 300m and are equipped with sensors for the basic met-ocean parameters recording. Every station can potentially monitor temperature, salinity, pressure and bio-chemical parametersin several depths by adjusting instruments on the mooring line. By now several sensors are attached on the buoy shell measuring sea surface parameters such as salinity, temperature, current speed and direction and a variety of wave parameters. On the top of the platform meteorological parameters are measured such as air pressure, air temperature as well as wind speed and direction.
One of the “Wavescan” multi-parametric instrumentation platform, deployed at southern Ionian Sea, communicates through an acoustic modem with a Deep Sea Module platform which is deployed at 1763 m depth. The main purpose of deploying this instrumentation platform is to record sea pressure and detect anomalies on the sea surface altimetry which could indicate a tsunami incident over the specific sea area. The platform has also adjusted sensors measuring temperature and salinity down to the sea basin.

The 3 “Seawatch- Wavescan” buoys are multi-parametric instrumentation platforms and are deployed in deep offshore locations. Due to a inductive mooring cable, ctd instruments are adjusted on the mooring line providing salinity, temperature and pressure data down to 1000m depth. Biochemical parameters such as oxygen and chlorophyll are also measured from the sea surface down to 100m depth. ADCP profilers collect current data every 5m from the sea surface to the depth of 50m. On the upper part of the buoy a variety of sensors record the atmospheric variability. Except the basic meteorological parameters, additional parameters are measured such as rainfall, radioactivity, radiance and irradiance.












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