The FerryBox is an autonomous system for continuous monitoring of physicochemical and environmental parameters installed in the F/B Olympic Champion of มอลส Lines covering daily the route between Herakleion and Piraeus. As the boat travels, the FerryBox monitors sea water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration, turbidity, chlorophyll concentration and sea water alkalinity-pH. The data are transmitted real-time, using a GSM network, and stored at the POSEIDON data base providing the scientific community with a useful research tool and users with a live image of the environmental conditions in the South Aegean Sea. The European network of FerryBox systems covered, until recently, the Northern Seas and European Atlantic coasts. The addition of FerryBox, unique in the Mediterranean Sea, to the network upgrades the role of HCMR that currently, through POSEIDON, operates one of the most integrated networks for monitoring the marine environment in the European territory.

POSEIDON system funded by:

Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area - EFTA &
Greek Ministry of National Economy


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