Oil Spill Drifts

The POSEIDON OSM (Oil Spill Model) is providing oil spill dispersion simulations using the atmospheric, oceanographic and sea state forecasting results that are produced during the daily operation of POSEIDON System. The model can be triggered through a web based user friendly interface and can be used either in forecasting mode for the next five days or in hindcasting mode using the archived data of last month. The user can submit into the system his/her own oil spill simulation scenario by providing all the required parameters and receives the results in less than fifteen minutes. The final output consists of a series of sequential graphs showing the oil spill dispersion for the requested time period that can be downloaded in zip file together with the full model output file. 

The service is strictly addressed to marine related authorities, organizations, entities or companies as well as to research centers and universities. The access is restricted to registered users only.

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