Aims and Benefits


During its daily operation for almost a decade now, the POSEIDON system produces and disseminates in daily basis a wide range of products and services that became a necessity for the modern enterprise or policy makers working within or for the marine environment. Their span of application is immense and it includes central and local authorities, shipyard and shipping companies, aquaculture, watersports, resorts, and research centers. During the second phase of its implementation, the system has been updated to incorporate the latest technological advances in ocean monitoring, numerical modeling and remote sensing as well as its network coverage has been extended also in the Ionian Sea. Some of the areas that have been benefited by the services and products of the system are the following:  

  • increased security in marine transport
  • prevention and timely reaction to pollution
  • tourism development
  • increased aquaculture productivity
  • management and protection of the coastal zone
  • efficient planning of coastal and marine infrastructure
  • research and technology development  

Services and Products

The operation of the POSEIDON system produces a series of data and outputs that are provided through the following integrated services to the public and private sector as well as to the scientific community:
  • Real-time data (including all the data transmitted from the observation buoys) plus the historical data and time-series, statistical analysis and data produced by hind casting. These data are available through POSEIDON’s web portal and its associated LAS server module, while processed data can also be available under demand.
  • Provision of ocean weather forecasts for the next 1-5 days. The POSEIDON’s web site has more than 300.000 user sessions per month.
  • Forecasting products are available to the public through mobile telephony using SMS/MMS and i-mode technologies.
  • Data from the POSEIDON buoy network are disseminated in real-time to the National Meteorological Service, the Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Hydrographic Service of the Hellenic Navy.
  • Data and numerical model results are available on demand to the scientific community (at no cost) for research purposes and to the private sector for environmental and engineering studies.
  • During emergency search operations at sea, data from the buoy network together with sea-state forecasts are made available to the search groups together with “best-estimates” of object drifts. HCMR has been contributed to a number of localization and recovery operations that followed airplane and helicopter crashes in the Aegean during the last years.
  • An operational oil-spill monitoring and forecasting service has been developed under the ROSES/MARCOAST projects funded by ESA. The service combines the satellite SAR based oil spill detection together with the oil spill drift forecasts based on the POSEIDON numerical models providing synthetic information to the end user in near real time. The Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine is the core user of this service

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