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The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in collaboration with HellasNet, the specialized in Interactive Marketing FORTHnet's operational unit, created and provide to the Cosmote subscribers a weather forecasting module through the "My View" service.
By using the Poseidon module you can receive at your mobile phone detailed weather forecast for the next 72 hours (3 days), for the whole country as well as for any city of your interest.
Wherever you are, in land or in the sea, you can get in your mobile's screen the wind speed and direction by simply typing the name of the area / city of your interest, the Postal Code or even the geographical position from GPS.
Entering the Poseidon site through your mobile phone, you have free of charge access to the general weather forecast. Through this site you can also register to the service in order to get access to more detailed information included in the different categories of the site, such as:

  • Greece - The weather in Greece for the next few hours - Weather forecast for the whole country.
  • My weather - Personalized service, through which you can choose to receive weather forecasts only for the area or the areas you desire, with data of your choice
  • Forecast by region - General weather forecast in specific geographical areas of Greece.
  • Search of city - Special weather forecast for all the major cities in Greece as well as for all the islands. You can search the city of your interest, by simply typing the first letter and then selecting from the relevant list.
  • Wind Forecast – Forecast for specific areas of Greek Seas through sequential animated color images showing the wind speed and direction.
  • Wind Forecast using the GPS position – Wind forecast for a specific region using the geographical position from GPS. You simply input the appropriate coordinates (easy process through maps) and you immediately receive information for this particular region.

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    POSEIDON system funded by:

    Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area - EFTA &
    Greek Ministry of National Economy


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