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POSEIDON System app provides easy access to the updated view of the meteorological, wave, hydrodynamic and ecosystem forecasts. The forecasts are updated daily covering the next five days.


Meteo Forecast Waves Forecast Sea Level Forecast Hydrodynamics Forecast Ecosystem Forecast

Spatial coverage:

  • Mid and South Europe
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • North Africa

Spatial coverage:

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Sea of Marmara
  • Black Sea

Spatial coverage:

  • Mediterranean Sea

Spatial coverage:

  • Mediterranean Sea

Spatial coverage:

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Surface wind (10m)
  • Rainfall
  • Air Temperature (2m)
  • Cloudiness
  • Snowfall
  • Dust
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Significant Wave Height & Direction (WW3 model)
  • Significant Wave Height & Direction (WAM model)
  • Total Elevation
  • Tidal Elevation
  • Surge Elevation
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Sea Surface Salinity
  • Surface (5m) Circulation
  • Chlorophyll-a (0-10m average)
  • Nitrates (Surface)
  • Ammonium (Surface)
  • Phosphates (Surface)
  • Bacteria Biomass (Surface)
  • Mesozooplankton (Surface)
  • Phytoplankton Biomass (Surface)
  • Primary Production (Surface)
  • Bacterial Production (Surface)
  • Primary Production (200m Integrated)
  • Bacterial Production (200m Integrated)

Poseidon System Application

Color bar: click on the color bar to change units for surface wind (kt, m/s, bft), air temperature (°C, °F) and sea surface circulation (kt, m/s)

Flow Animation: streamlines presenting the flow of the wind, the waves or the sea currents depending on the selected model

Isobars: Add the isobars layer on top of the selected forecast with option under menu

Interactive map: Zoom in and out and move the map to any area of interest.

Point of interest: Clicking on any point on the area covered by the forecasting model, will provide a quick view of the forecast value on the selected point. Clicking on the orange arrow on the tip, will open a summary of the forecast for the whole forecasting period for this point.

City labels: Clicking on city labels, opens a summary of the forecast for the whole forecasting period for the specific city.

User location: If location trace is permitted, select on location pin on the right side of the screen to view forecast on your current location.

Date time section: Select a specific date time within the forecasting period or animate the forecasts automatically by clicking on the play button next to the time selector.

Help guide: Press the exclamation mark on the right of the screen to open the short guide.


UTC and local time options. English and Greek languages.

Vertical and Horizontal view enabled.

No advertisements.

  • For installing the web app on iOS devices with Safari browser, navigate to the POSEIDON System website (

Steps installing pwa app with Safari browser

  • For installing the app on Android devices, download it from Google Play Store:

Poseidon System app on Play Store

  • For installing the app on Huawei devices, download it from HUAWEI AppGallery:

Poseidon System app on AppGallery