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  • Students in hands-on ocean current data collection
    Students construct and deploy drifters for current data acquisition

    The Education Team of HCMR, Crete, and the POSEIDON team hosted students and teachers from the Heraklion School of Arts and Music School of Heraklion at Thalassocosmos (HCMR, Crete) for the JERICOS3 IMAPOCEAN TNA initiative. Under the…

  • The first marine CO2 time-series in the Eastern Mediterranean
    The first marine CO2 time-series in the Eastern Mediterranean

    The rate of oceanic uptake of anthropogenic CO2 has declined over the past decade, so a critical question for science and policy is whether the ocean will continue to act as a sink, mitigating the global climate crisis. In recent years, in situ…

  • Project SUBMERSE
    Project SUBMERSE

    The never ending need to study the ocean and answer scientific questions related not only to the ocean surface, but more importantly to the ocean’s underexplored deep interior, has motivated the exploitation of submarine fiber optic…

  • Participation in EGU General Assembly
    POSEIDON team participation in EGU General Assembly, April 2023

    During the General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union (EGU) 2023 in Vienna, two presentations were given by members of the POSEIDON scientific team:

    “Validation of the Copernicus Marine Med-WAV modelled spectrum with…

  • Athos and Mykonos buoys were recovered
    Recovery of Athos and Mykonos stations

    The POSEIDON system deals with serious financial problems that put in danger the systematic and efficient operation of its recording network. While the financing of the national research infrastructures is being suspended since 2021 and…

  • POSEIDON Forecast 6th February 2023
    Over 3 million users accessed POSEIDON last month

    The bad weather persisted conditions in February resulted in a new monthly all-time high in POSEIDON page accessibility. In the last 30 days, more than 3 million users visited POSEIDON seeking forecasting information. During the five-day…

  • Marine Monitoring Platform
    Collaboration JERICO-S3 and EMBRC via the Cretan Sea PSS

    The Cretan Sea is a subpart of the ultra-oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean Sea. Among the major research challenges in this area, are extreme events and its effects on primary productivity. The JERICO-S3 Cretan Sea Pilot Super Site (PSS), a…

  • Marine Heatwave (MHW) properties in the Mediterranean Sea
    POSEIDON & Climate monitoring: oceanic extremes

    Written by D. Denaxa and the POSEIDON scientific team

    Deeper understanding of the ocean climate, including anthropogenic climate change and natural variability, is becoming more and more imperative. Monitoring the sea…

  • POSEIDON new inflatable boat
    POSEIDON new inflatable boat

    A new advanced inflatable boat - named POSEIDON - was built during the first implementation phase of the national research infrastructure HIMIOFoTS. The total length of the new boat is 11.5 meters, its width is 3.62 meters, it can carry…

  • POSEIDON System analytics
    Monthly high on POSEIDON visits

    Sequential storm incidents swept across Greece and Eastern Mediterranean over the last period, causing snowfalls, gale winds, and intense cold conditions across the area. During the last 30 days, over 2 million users accessed the POSEIDON…